Are You Living an Ordinary or Extraordinary Life?

Are You Living an Ordinary or Extraordinary Life?

While I was in Europe on vacation this summer I was in awe of the history and the beauty I experienced in France, Italy and Austria. While in France Derek, my husband, his sister and her husband, and I would sit out on the veranda every morning, sip on our coffee take in the extraordinary view while waiting for the local donkey to “Hee Haw” his good morning though out the valley. I realized that I am living an extraordinary life! I feel blessed, abundant, loved and cherished. I love my work which is my creative expression, I am of service and helping others and I living my vision. Every day I am grateful for being alive.

We are creative beings always meant to be evolving and expanding. Often people look at extraordinary people in history, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, the Dali Lama and say to themselves, “I will never be as extraordinary as they are.” The truth is for anyone who desires to be extraordinary and live an extraordinary life it is truly possible 라이브스코어.

When you are living an ordinary life, you are often getting life by default because you are motivated by the expectations of others and not living authentically. Certainly you are not living the life of your dreams, you may not even feel worthy of having dreams. Often your expectations of yourself are very low. When you are living a life of low expectations and therefore usually expecting the worst you attract more of the same into your life. Of course this proves to you how hum drum life really is.

One of the most effective ways to step into the extraordinary is to begin setting your intention and affirming your own brilliance and your unique gifts. Whether it is being kind and patient with your children, helping a neighbour, having an infection laugh, creating beautiful art, everybody has something extraordinary within them. Start saying “Yes!” to yourself, to life, to opportunities and to love.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet some of the extraordinary women from the Canadian Olympic Women’s Soccer Team at a CAN FUND fundraiser. A couple of the team members spoke and I was moved to tears when Melissa Tancred spoke about how down the women were after losing a game to the American team. Distraught and not knowing how they would play the Bronze Medal Game, it was the Team Captain who spoke up and said. “I love you all!” It was the energy of love that supported these women to win their well deserved bronze medal. How extraordinary!

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